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I'm still alive. The lack of posts has many reasons: I've been busy, sick of the internet, and I haven't really had much to say or much will to say it.
But, nonetheless, a quick update:

I have a new part-time job. I hope it becomes full-time so that I may leave this one behind. It's at a very upscale, trendy restaurant. I am stoked for it. I will know today what my schedule will be.
I've been doing a lot of camping yet again recently. I went home this weekend for poker and a graduation party (not simultaneously). It was a good time.

I came home last night to 88 degree weather and no air conditioning. Sleeping was not very fun. The fan was merely blowing hot, humid air around. Yuck. I am currently waiting for the rental office to call me and let me know when the AC will be fixed.

My cousin Rachel and I are considering getting an apartment in August. I need to discuss some obvious things with her. But she is a clean freak, like me, and we already respect and get along with each other very well. Plus, I'm not sure I can afford to live by myself.

Comfest is coming up. I love it and I'm excited. Gay Pride corresponds with it so it's basically a huge party all weekend long. I hopefully won't have to work and can celebrate. We are having a Pride cookout on Friday. Then, Saturday my friends Darren and Amanda are getting married. Go straight people..lol!!

Well, that's about it. BTW, keep up the husband-hunting for me..lol.

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