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Whew! What a weekend.
On Friday, I went to COSI with my sister and my 7-year old nephew. It was a great time. The only downsides were the fact that there were entirely too many unchaperoned children and the cafeteria style lunch that we paid over $10 apiece for was nearly inedible.
After COSI, my sister and my nephew headed home. I, then, packed up the car and headed to a local state park to go camping for the weekend. It was great. It was a little frigid on Friday night, but the rest of the weekend was beautiful. I needed the relaxation and I think that I could possibly become addicted to camping again. Tricia, Candy, and Felix all came camping with me. We drank lots of beer, played cards, ate, and generally sat around and bullshitted. Candy ended up not feeling well late in the night, so they headed home. (Don't worry, she's fine now).
I really enjoyed it. It did end up costing me a lot more than I thought it would. However, a lot of the cost was startup things, like cups and plates and such. I think I will start looking for other camping facilities than state parks. At $26 a night, it is a bit steep for no more than they offer.
So here I am, sitting at work, wishing I was still camping...*sigh*

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