Annoyances in the News

I'm not sure how I feel about this. Doesn't religion pretty much have a monopoly on the country's masses already? Now, I can't even escape it at work.

This sounds like a purposeful, typical military cover-up (can we say Vietnam War?) at the cost of a reputable news source's reputation.

Who cares? I hated his show anyway. Not because of the lengths he was allowed to make fun of and direct racial slurs at white people. But, basically I found him very irritating as a person.

You've got to be fucking (or is it hugging) kidding me. I don't even know what to say about it.

Maybe I'm a bleeding heart for everyone to have a right to do everything (to some extent, of course.) However, this upsets me, but at the same time, how can one support the tyrannical catholic church, while supporting human rights? I think it needs to be one or the other. Personally, I have denounced christianity completely due to its denouncement of me and other members of humanity. You won't see me attempting to receive any ritualistic communion or any other so-called sacrament in a house of hatred.

Seriously, ban them all then. Oh, wait. We can't. Too much revenue comes from Big Tobacco. We wouldn't be able to fund any political races, lobbyists, or convenience stores, and we all know the medical industry would take a huge financial hit.

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