I'm So Tired, I Havent Slept A Wink.........

Long weekend and boy, am I tired.
Friday, I went out with some of the people with whom I am going to bartending school. I then ended up at the Garage reunion party, very drunkenly so. After making fake cocktails for 20 hours last week, I felt the need to have a real cocktail or eight. The reunion party was a bit strange. I ran into a few people I knew, but not many. The bar looked completely different, with just the basic layout being the same. The music was alright but the cover was ten dollars and the weak drinks were a ridiculous five dollars in a tiny plastic cup. I complained to a friend about the prices and his response was 'Well, in New York that would be cheap'. I said, 'Look around, this is definitely not New York'. All in all, it was an ok time...I spent an ungodly amount of money, and I am still not sure what all that money went to. I do know that I didn't even think about drugs.

Saturday was pretty much a recovery day. I had a hangover headache that incapacitated me pretty much completely. I couldn't find a scrap of ibuprofen anywhere around the house, so I took some Dayquil, since it has a pain reliever in it. Oddly enough, it completely cured my hangover. I think it has something to do with relieving histamine reactions and unconstricting blood vessels. But it was definitely my savior yesterday. Since I was feeling somewhat normal, I decided to completely clean and scrub down my room. It looks and feels great. Nothing like a tidy sanctuary.

Today, I hung about the house a bit. Then, since it was so beautiful, I ventured out of the house over to Tricia's. Her cousin, sister, and brother-in-law were on their way over to help her with a new bedroom suit which was to be delivered. The delivery people dropped it off and we started to unpack everything. After everything was out of its box, we realized half of the hardware was missing. Tricia and I made two trips to Target, one to CVS and one to Giant Eagle before we had everything we needed. While attaching the headboard for the bed, I made an incorrect measurement and had to redrill and rescrew eight screws and holes entirely by hand. (I'm actually having a bit of trouble typing this.) Finally, after a lot of frustration and complete annoyance and around 9:30 pm, we had everything together and to Tricia's liking. She is well aware that I am no longer going to assist her in any endeavor requiring nailing, drilling, screwing, or painting.
So in summary, I put together a dining room table, four dining room chairs, a mirror on a dresser, a bed frame, and a headboard. I used at least 120 screws and 4 nuts.

Now ya know why I am tired.

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