Happy 420

I just found out that my roommate puts toilet paper on the toilet seat. Now, I know a lot of people do this in restaurants or at the gas station. But he does it at home. He says that it's nothing against me, but he has always done it, way before we have lived together. I find this a bit odd from someone who has gay sex, eats pizza that has sat out on the table for three days, and wears the same pair of socks for a week straight. Seriously. I never know just what to think of him.

I had a horrible day at work today. These type of days have been happening more and more frequently in the dictatorship that I call work. Full time bartending is looking better and better all of the time. I decided to go out to Marshall's for a few beers with a friend. I needed it. It was nice, relaxing, and they still allow smoking there. I ordered some fish and chips. They were excellent, and along with the $1 domestics during happy hour, I spent very little money. Well worth it. The atmosphere, prices, food, and service are great. I think I've found my bar. For now, anyway. Check it out. It's in Grandview.

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