Blizzard and Mixology

It seems that Mother Nature is even more schizophrenic than I thought. It's April 2nd, it was in the 70's all last week, but today it has been a heavy snowing blizzard for the past 5 hours or so.
I drove to Meijer through the aforementioned blizzard to take advantage of a supposed 'sale' that they had going on only to find that their prices have skyrocketed, that is, if the items were even marked with a price in the first place. I left with half of what I needed and spent 25% more than I wanted to spend. Screw that. On the way home, I was in standstill traffic until just before my exit. It turns out that a horrific accident had taken place. One of the cars was on its side with the bottom of it against the concrete median wall, a decimated windshield, and two wheels broken off. It did not look good for any occupants. I am over this winter and this state.

I signed up for bartending school yesterday. It is 40 hours worth of classes and in the end, I will be state certified and in demand, supposedly. The school places you when you graduate and from the list of current jobs, they all look like very nice place$. I've decided to get out of the computer business and back into restaurants. My long-term goal is to own my own establishment in the next 5-10 years. My friend, Larry from work, is joining me in the classes and possibly my endeavor.
I finally realized that even though the tech field is better money and offers more stability, I couldn't be unhappier with it. I was less stressed, less worried, and much happier when I was in the restaurant scene. It dawned on me that instead of working for an hourly wage, in restaurants, I was actually getting paid for how hard I worked. I also totally enjoy the atmosphere, the hours, the challenges, and the people. It's well past time for me to get back to where I like going into work most of the time.
Stop in sometime, and I'll whip ya up a cocktail or two.

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