Ah, The Weekend

Well, laundry is done. As is smoking cigarettes in the house. The house currently smells like a bar that has had well over a billion packs of generic cigarettes smoked within. I am getting closer and closer to kicking this habit.
I need to get back on my workout schedule. I've slacked off quite a bit since I was sick the last time. The weather getting nicer is helping a lot too. I still would like a workout partner, but I can't seem to find anyone. Plus, everyone at the gym is pretty much aloof. Most of the time they won't even look at anyone, let alone talk to anyone.
I am going to purchase a bike soon. With gas prices the way they are and with me only working about a mile from home, there's no sense in driving everyday. Plus, I could use that little bit of workout too. I could ride it to the gym and not worry about parking. Hopefully, there is a bike rack near there.
This weekend was pretty mundane. Went out last night by myself. People just didn't seem friendy. Everyone was pretty self-involved. That is odd since I was under the impression that a lot of people are single and tend to go to bars at times to alleviate that. But, I guess not.
I drank enough for a small third-world country. That was my plan, though. So it all worked out.
I ran into some old friends that I used to work with and ended up going to a lame afterhours with them. I then came home and went to bed. Did laundry today with Tricia and we ate at a place called Bag of Nails. It was good food, but the service was slow and horrible.
That was my weekend, now I need to head to bed.

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