All I Can Say Is : Woah

I know I am a bit behind the times on certain things, but I finally just watched Party Monster.

Let me just say that the movie completely freaked me out. I was repulsed by much of it, while identifying with and marked by much more.
There was a period of about five years in my life when I went to raves and clubs consistently. I was a raver, a club kid, what have you. I did my share of drugs, mainly acid, coke, and ecstasy. Especially the ecstasy. Although I never did them to the degree that was portrayed in the movie (which according to IMDB, was not even close to the degree of use that they were actually doing in real life), I did my fair share.
In the movie, I recognized that tweaked out, cracked out look and feeling. Every nerve in my body that had ever tasted drugs was overloaded by this movie. I could identify with every bit of shadiness that went on in the name of fabulousness, clubbing, and partying. It was a very cruel ,destructive scene. It's still going on, too. Nowadays, it seems, it's all about the meth/tina.
I've delved back into things very occasionally, and I remember instantly why I didn't like to do it back then. I've definitely hung up my drug hat. I never truly realized how ridiculous and scary swallowing something or shoving something up your nose really was. And for what? Just to feel high for a few hours and then like shit for a few days.
Luckily, I never, ever required aforesaid drugs to function. God help me if I had. That chapter of my life has definitely entirely come to an end, and I'm extremely sure that I do not even want to ever associate myself with the type of people that do drugs again.
When I stop to think of the money, time, brain cells, and productivity that was wasted due to my sporadic drug use, my stomach rolls. I used to say, and think, that I didn't regret partying back then, and that I thought that everyone should try everything at least once, but I could not have been more wrong.
Drugs are not cool. They are not a good time, and they really have no place in my life or anyone else's, for that matter. It's just not worth it.

There is a good quote on IMDB's Party Monster forum. It was written in response to people saying that the want to be club kids and the scene is not that bad:
"Every city has their own group of club kids. The scene never really dies. As long as we have wide-eyed, naive, youths running to cities where there are no family or friends, there will ALWAYS be a club scene."

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