Blah Blah Cranky Dammit

I start my new second job tomorrow night. I was supposed to just go in to fill out paperwork but he called back and asked me if i wanted to work. I am going to. I don't have anything else to do this weekend.

Adam's friend is dicking him around on moving in here and taking my place. Typical twink fag indecisiveness. So 1997.

MacOSX said...
Congrats on your 1st day!! I do hope you continue to resist the evilness of the smokes, but at the same time, if you do light up I do not want you to feel like a failure either, smoking is very tough to stop.

Don't worry Mac ol friend. I won't be lighting up again. This is the furthest I've come. Plus, the whiny, non-willpowered me seems to have gone away. I am resolutely making decisions and sticking to them all of the time. Kinda weird, really.

I have been quit for 1 Day, 22 hours, 5 minutes and 49 seconds (1 days).
I have saved $13.82 by not smoking 76 cigarettes.
I have saved 6 hours and 20 minutes of my life.
My Quit Date: 7/6/2005 12:01 AM


Just a Nico-update

I have actually had a very smooth day so far. I've never had it so easy on my first day of quitting. I had a few cravings which were very easy to ignore. I think this time I am entirely serious about it and won't let the simple want for a puff ruin this damned nicotine leaving my system.
These two sites helped me a lot:

I have been quit for 23 hours and 9 seconds (0 days).
I have saved $6.90 by not smoking 38 cigarettes.
I have saved 3 hours and 10 minutes of my life.
My Quit Date: 7/6/2005 12:01 AM

I've also lost nearly 15 lbs the past week and a half.
So there. LOL.

Today Is The First Day....


There's A Storm A-Brewin'

I'm going to try to give you all somewhat of a scattered update since it's been so long since I've posted. A storm is coming and I don't want to lose what I type since our lights go out when a breeze picks up.

I'm moving in with my cousin Rachel sometime between August 1st and August 31st. Hopefully the former. I'm excited about this since it's been awhile since I've had a smooth roommate situation. She and I are like two peas in a pod.

Comfest is done and over with. I was there for about 20 minutes and had enough. We had a cookout last Friday night. I thought it was a success. Everybody got pretty drunk. I ended up delving into some bad things that weekend and didn't sleep much. It was actually a horrible feeling. The best part of the weekend was hanging out with a supercool guy who has since pretty much ignored me even though we kept talking about how cool it was to hang out and meeting someone with much in common. Tends to be a trend these days. But then again, we were pretty fucked up and did some less than respectable things. It was a really good time though.

I start a second job with a four-diamond hotel chain next week. I really wanted it too. I hope the money is as good as what I'm making now so that I can make it my full-time job and get rid of the one that I am currently working. On that, we'll have to see.

I am going home this weekend to camp Saturday and Sunday night at my sister's father-in-law's. We always have a good time and it seems he has quite a shebang planned. Should be fun.

I am quitting smoking next Tuesday after the holiday. I have really prepared myself this time and am doing it cold turkey with the help of a smoking cessation program. I am actually pretty excited and plan to overcome it this time.

I've put myself back on a strict low carb diet. I will be 30 in a month, and I will be damned if I'm going to be a boozin, smokin porker when I turn 30.

Things are really looking positive and falling into place. It was about time I grew up...lol.

I hope everything is going well out in blogger land. Hope your holiday is a good one and everyone is having the best of it all!! Cheers!

9:07 PM


DiscoB v8.7543 build 43.0B

I'm still alive. The lack of posts has many reasons: I've been busy, sick of the internet, and I haven't really had much to say or much will to say it.
But, nonetheless, a quick update:

I have a new part-time job. I hope it becomes full-time so that I may leave this one behind. It's at a very upscale, trendy restaurant. I am stoked for it. I will know today what my schedule will be.
I've been doing a lot of camping yet again recently. I went home this weekend for poker and a graduation party (not simultaneously). It was a good time.

I came home last night to 88 degree weather and no air conditioning. Sleeping was not very fun. The fan was merely blowing hot, humid air around. Yuck. I am currently waiting for the rental office to call me and let me know when the AC will be fixed.

My cousin Rachel and I are considering getting an apartment in August. I need to discuss some obvious things with her. But she is a clean freak, like me, and we already respect and get along with each other very well. Plus, I'm not sure I can afford to live by myself.

Comfest is coming up. I love it and I'm excited. Gay Pride corresponds with it so it's basically a huge party all weekend long. I hopefully won't have to work and can celebrate. We are having a Pride cookout on Friday. Then, Saturday my friends Darren and Amanda are getting married. Go straight people..lol!!

Well, that's about it. BTW, keep up the husband-hunting for me..lol.


Just A Little Patience....

This is scary. I feel like my every move is being watched at work, the way it is.

I've been working on a project to change my situation with work and home life. It hasn't really started paying off yet. I've been hitting a lot of deadends. Patience, my dear, patience.

I've been also trying to reappear into the dating scene, without much luck. I've met a couple of good guys, one in which I really wanted to date but he had a lot of things going on. Another didn't seem to have much interest after we actually met. And I'm talking to one now that seems right up my alley, but I don't know yet. He hasn't made any effort to make it happen outside of chatting online. Patience, again, my dear, I guess.

I am most likely going home this weekend for Memorial Day. If the weather tends to stay non-rainy, I will be going camping with my sister and her family. Saturday, my dad and I will be changing the brakes on my car. See, I'm actually pretty butch...lol.
I am becoming addicted to camping again. I love it. I can't wait to go camping with someone that I'm interested in. If a guy likes to camp, then he's a guy that I don't mind being around..hehe.


The Great Outdoors...


Annoyances in the News

I'm not sure how I feel about
this. Doesn't religion pretty much have a monopoly on the country's masses already? Now, I can't even escape it at work.

This sounds like a purposeful, typical military cover-up (can we say Vietnam War?) at the cost of a reputable news source's reputation.

Who cares? I hated his show anyway. Not because of the lengths he was allowed to make fun of and direct racial slurs at white people. But, basically I found him very irritating as a person.

You've got to be fucking (or is it hugging) kidding me. I don't even know what to say about it.

Maybe I'm a bleeding heart for everyone to have a right to do everything (to some extent, of course.) However, this upsets me, but at the same time, how can one support the tyrannical catholic church, while supporting human rights? I think it needs to be one or the other. Personally, I have denounced christianity completely due to its denouncement of me and other members of humanity. You won't see me attempting to receive any ritualistic communion or any other so-called sacrament in a house of hatred.

Seriously, ban them all then. Oh, wait. We can't. Too much revenue comes from Big Tobacco. We wouldn't be able to fund any political races, lobbyists, or convenience stores, and we all know the medical industry would take a huge financial hit.


I Just Wanna Be A Woman....

Is this school serious? I think it's pretty cool of a straight friend to go with his gay friend since they didn't have dates. I can remember when a friend of mine went to prom in drag and his date wore a tux. No big deal was made out of it and this was in a totally hardcore conservative town.
People need to get over themselves and have some fun.


See....I Told Ya So

Study: Gay men's brains react differently to scent


Too Funny


The Bad, The Ugly, and The Really Good

I didn't realize that when I installed
Google's Web Accelerator, that it cached all of my viewed webpages on their servers instead of my local machine. Not cool. I will be uninstalling it today. Other than that, I liked it. Too bad, I guess.

I never understood how someone can work so hard against a group of people and be one of those people at the same time. This is such an ugly country sometimes. And it just keeps getting uglier.

Pssst....guess what? I have a meet-up tonight with someone I met online. I'm trying not to get my hopes up, but with him, I'm having an extremely hard time of it.



FDA to Implement Gay Sperm Donor Rules

They can't be serious. There are several things wrong with this entire issue:

1. The article states that there are better ways of finding and excluding an HIV+ donor. There are many scientific evaluations that can be made on a specimen. Why would the FDA mandate to encompassingly exclude an entire group of people who may or may not have had unprotected sex? I know a lot of risky behavior occurs in the gay community, but many of my heterosexual friends consistently participate in unprotected sex. Actually, more than my homosexual friends, myself included.

2. How would this ever be an effective screening process anyway? If someone wanted to donate sperm badly enough for whatever reason, he would obviously completely lie about any unprotected liasons or dates involved.

3. The FDA has repeatedly proven themselves to be an entire group of idiots. They allow deadly drugs to be sold, barely tested, they refuse to even evaluate any helpful, healthful herbs for medicinal use, and they seem to be so worried about public health, but they allow cigarettes and extremely unhealthy food to be sold in abundance. How can we trust them to make any intelligent decisions at all?

I wouldn't be surprised if this was a conservative, religious ploy to keep gay men's genes from being made available and being passed along. The American government obviously feels threatened by homosexuals and doesn't want them around or to be allowed to enjoy any inkling of happiness. I guess we'll see what happens.

Faith vs Science....Yet Again

this article, it seems that the Scopes-Monkey trial is being brought back to life.
I like how the people against the teaching of evolution want to give credit to 'intelligent design'. Have these people ever studied, researched, or even heard of evolution?? Evolution itself is innately intelligent. The design is so beyond our comprehension that the religious right reverts back to the thinking that something of that scope has to be divinely created or inspired.
Instead, life insists on surviving and will attempt to survive at any cost. Thus, evolution. I wish they would stop and look and comprehend sometime, instead of dumbfoundedly throwing their hands in the air and attributing something as astounding and basic as evolution to an imaginary deity.


The Mystery Revealed...

Jule and Geoff...check this out

Time Warner employee data missing
Information on 600,000 current, ex-workers lost by storage firm, Secret Service investigating.

This is scary. I worked there for a year and a half or so.

For those of you that also worked at Time Warner, contact me, and I will let you know what you need or may want to do.


Happy MayDay

It's May 1st. The weather sure isn't acting like it. Seems like the weekends are always the nastiest too.

Being Boring by the Pet Shop Boys is playing on
Launchcast right now. That song takes me back and still applies.

MacOSX person, I commented on your comment. I just read my comment again, and I am sorry if it comes acrossed indignant. It wasn't meant that way.

Laundry's done. The rooms is cleaned. I am going to try to get up in the morning and workout before work. If not, I am going to put my gym membership on hold for a month. I think I went twice last month. Not good.

I have been feeling inherently evil lately. It's quite refreshing and liberating. You should try...just not to me.


Weekend Movie Marathon

I just got done watching
The Notebook. OMG. Now, I am quite the chick flick guy at times. But, it has to be a really good one. And this was a really good one. I was bawling like a baby through parts of this movie. The acting was great. Especially, Rachel McAdams, Ryan Gosling, and Gena Rowlands. I don't know what to say about it, really. It just hooked me in and took me away. I highly recommend it. I haven't bawled at a movie this much since What Dreams May Come. Call me an old romantic.

I saw The Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy on Friday.
It was good. Some of the script was very weak. And I'm not sure that Zooey Deschanel is really that great of an actress. I did like it overall though. I was having a bit of a problem following the movie while thinking of the book throughout. I have been a huge fan of Douglas Adams for years, and I thought the movie did the books some justice. I also realize that most of the characters and events that were not in the book was created by Adams himself and not made up by anyway dealing with the movie. I also recommend this movie to get you to read all of the Douglas Adams books.


Too Perfect

God, I hate this dumb bitch.

The caption reads "PUPPY LOVE: Paris Hilton talks about herself and her new pet rat"


News Commentary

  • Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy - Now, I am still very excited despite many bad reviews. Maybe I have a different view of what movies should be. I am going in with no expectations, unlike most movie mongers who will never give the book-to-movie genre the benefit of the doubt.
  • Gyllenhaal 9/11 Comments - Good for her. In this context, I couldn't agree more. I think she stated a very logical, succinct thought on investigating and analyzing just exactly what happened and why it happened. I wouldn't mind discussing it more with her over a cocktail. Of course, she would have to bring Jake.
  • The Simpsons - Sixteen years and yet no one has aged a year.
  • Meth Abuse/Child Abuse - I have no comment on the inanely obvious statements in this article. These studies are being paid to make these observations?
  • Bangladesh Scrap Metal - I'm torn on this. I think the example was perfect, but I wouldn't mind a large screen tv or other 'luxury' items.
  • Bible Class in High School - Honestly, I think this should be a mandatory course, but taught as a history course, not a religion course. That way, people can make their own decisions based on actual read interpretation instead of what Tom Delay tells them. Since we are being run by a theocracy, students should at least be mandated to read our new Constitution.


Short and Sassy


Hoo R U?

The Ice Age Cometh.....

I think I have experienced nearly the full gamut of human emotion this weekend.
Friday night, Nikki and I went to Marshall's for some beers. Tricia ended up joining a few hours later. We were drinking like fish and the shots were flowing like, well, liquour. Nikki and I had decided early in the night that we were just going to fuck it and talk to anyone and everyone. And that's exactly what we did. We ended up hanging out and doing shots with like 15 different people. Tricia and Nikki ended up meeting a couple of guys. I met one guy that I was entralled with, however, he was straight. But he was extremely nice, funny, and good-looking. I then hit the point where I fully realized that I was in a straight bar and was not going to meet anyone that night. Then, I realized that the guys Tricia and Nikki were hanging with were complete douchebags. I was then suddenly drunk and pissy, although not obviously. It was time to go home at the point (plus it was nearly 2am anyway.) So, I came home and passed out.

Saturday, I felt like complete shit for most of the day due to the amount of alcohol still bouncing around in my system. It was colder than shit yesterday, so I stayed in the house most of the day. I was pretty mentally numb on top of it. Adam and I watched
I Heart Huckabees. It was a good movie. I think I need to watch it a few more times. And yum, Jude Law.

Today, I am currently in a very hateful, foul mood. I have been in this mood all day. I'm pretty sure that most of it is due to the constant snowing and 34 degree weather all day long, umm, hello, it is April 24th. I had convinced myself that I wouldn't be seeing snow for quite awhile. I was wrong. I've also been doing a lot of negative thinking.
I've lately been feeling that I don't have a hell of a lot to look forward to. Now, I'm not saying this in the I-wish-it-would-all-end, despair sort of way. I'm stuck in a huge rut. It's that simple. I don't have much going on in the way of social, love, or entertainment life. My job is mundane and a waste of 40 hours a week. That really takes a toll on the psyche. I'm totally feeling the spring mating itch. I've been single much too long. I know that I don't need a guy to be happy, but I am feeling the need to share my life at the moment. I've been in the chatrooms again lately, and I am amazed at how trite everyone is. I haven't felt any kind of spark with anyone lately, and that is so what I need.
One of my biggest issues today was that I really wanted someone, anyone, to do something nice for me. I know that sounds selfish, but I really kind of want to feel special. I tend to feel like I do a lot for other people. At work, I stroke egos and walk on eggshells so that people avoid necessary conflict. I bite my tongue with friends and family. I am there if anyone needs me for pretty much anything. I wouldn't mind a payback day every once in awhile. Hell, who wouldn't?
There....that's off of my chest. There you have it. I'm spent. Thanks for allowing me the time and bandwidth to whine occasionally.


Say Cheese!!

I've found a
free place to upload images. I think I am going to start supplementing my posts with images for awhile and see what I think.

I have to post this pic. Not sure why. It makes me laugh everytime I think about it. Even more sadly, I bought the poster of it a few months back and it's now hanging on my bedroom wall..lol.


Happy 420

Ah, Money and Religion

Although it is severely wasteful, I do think it's pretty funny that someone could get away with
this type of spending for so long. Good for them for creating a nice work environment instead of the usual flourescently-lit prison cell.

The Catholics are delusional anymore. Not only did they allow a possible Fascist to ascend to the Papal Throne, but they are now evidently seeing the Virgin Mary in Chicago underpasses. I think it looks more like a vaginal Georgia O'Keefe painting, personally. (BTW, will the media begin reporting every little thing that the new pope achieves everyday?
"Pope Benedict XVI Takes First Papal Shit, Catholics Everywhere See The Image of The Virgin Mary In It"


Hubble Update

someone with some brains at the head of NASA.

"We should reassess the earlier decision in light of what we learn after we return to flight," Griffin said in his Congressional confirmation hearing April 11. Those are well chosen words which, for now, show only that Griffin at least acknowledges that Hubble is really the people's telescope, not NASA's.


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